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Dark Tourist Trips are organising an overnight ghost hunt at Niddry Street Vaults in Edinburgh. Please note this event is now cancelled and will likely be rearranged when Covid-19 is not an issue.

About this Event= CANCELLED ****

Overnight Ghost Hunt- Niddry Street Vaults in Edinburgh

Join Dark Tourist Trips on a paranormal investigation at a very active venue in Edinburgh with a cursed stone circle and a Wiccan temple.

The vaults are said to be haunted by a poltergeist that scratches its victims. When Niddry Street Vaults were featured on the TV show Most Haunted : LIVE during Halloween 2006 , one of the show’s cameramen passed out, and another member of the crew said he “felt like he’d been stabbed” and had scratches and other unexplained injuries after the live broadcast on Living TV.

A short history of Niddry Street Vaults

The creepy vaults actually date back to the 1700s, and were formed when South Bridge was built overhead, forming a series of underground chambers beneath the arches. These cavernous spaces were used to house pubs, shoemakers and other tradespeople, but they were prone to flooding so the businesses moved out, and the poor and destitute moved in.

The vaults became slums and brothels. They were a hotbed of crime and rife with disease. The unlucky people who lived in the vaults had to deal with cramped, damp conditions, a lack of sunlight, a lack of fresh water and a complete lack of sanitation. Despite this fact, some of the tiny, filthy, dark underground rooms housed families of ten people or more.

The Ghost Hunt

  • A tour of the venue including places not open to the general public
  • Group vigils of all areas of the venue using paranormal equipment
  • A Seance
  • Refreshments
  • Time alone with the equipment to investigate on your own
  • Dark Tourist Trips Goodie Bag
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